LeNoir: The Way I See It!

Source: The Washington Informer

We’re in a difficult position in this country. It appears that many of our citizens think that the COVID-19 pandemic is over. We have stopped wearing masks, social distancing, and appearing in large crowds, even when we know many people are unvaccinated. But while we may be finished with the virus, from personal experience I can tell you, the virus is not finished with us. I’ve been ducking and dodging this virus for almost two years, but I let my guard down just a little and, I was infected. Fortunately, I am vaccinated and boosted. It’s clear from the review of the literature studying the character and temperament of the COVID-19 virus.

Obviously, we’re moving forward with lowering the age limits for vaccinations, and we have developed protocols and medications to aggressively treat the virus. But I am concerned that the focus on the COVID-19 virus distracts us from dealing with other health issues that are equally important. That includes getting regular vaccinations, visits to the doctor for checkups and regular cancer screenings. Heart disease is still the number one killer in this country, along with diseases such as Diabetes and Asthma.

Hopefully, we will soon find a strategy that integrates our concern for the pandemic with the other health issues that are important.

It took the COVID-19 pandemic to shine a light on the gap between the health of white Americans, African Americans and other minority groups. So, terms like health equity, social determinants and racism have crept into the discussions around health. While this presupposes that we have more to do than just deal with disease, I believe it moves us closer to closing the differences in the health of all Americans.

Michael A. LeNoir MD.F.A.A.A.A.I.

Founder and CEO

African American Wellness Project