AAWP Partners with Linkwell Health to Provide Vital Prostate Cancer Information and Resources

African American Wellness Project and Linkwell Health Partner to Provide Vital Prostate Cancer Information and Resources During National Prostate Cancer Awareness MonthCLICK HERE to read more on this partnership. For tools, tips and resources about prostate cancer, CLICK HERE to read more.

AAWP Launches the “And Black America” Campaign Series

The African American Wellness Project Launches the “And Black America” Campaign Series to Celebrate Anniversary of the Passing of the Civil Rights Act and Address Healthcare Inequities that Still Exist Today! CLICK HERE to read more.

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Our mission is to  improve the health of the African-American community by serving as a megaphone for trusted information that enables and encourages African Americans to better navigate the healthcare system, advocate for themselves, and receive improved care, regardless of insurance or circumstances.

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The AAWP is proud to play a role in helping launch the Digital Health for Equitable Health (#DHEH) Alliance. This is a milestone for the future of #healthcare for underserved communities to help create a more accessible and inclusive #digitalhealth society.

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AAWP Events This Week

Unburdening Asthma: Simple Insights into a Challenging Problem.  Join us for a special presentation to learn more about Asthma and how it affects African Americans

In partnership with BlackDoctor.org and AstraZeneca, the African American Wellness Project is proud to present this important presentation on Asthma in the African American Community, and how we can be more informed about this condition.

Our presenter is Demondes Haynes MD,  Executive Vice Chair, Dept. of Medicine, Professor of Medicine, UMMC. 

We hope you enjoy this timely message and as mentioned in the video, if you want to learn more please visit this resource,  AIRQ, by going to AirQscore.com.

December 6th-12th is National Influenza Vaccination Week. In 2022-2023, it’s especially important to get a flu vaccine because of the abnormally low exposures to the flu virus many people had during pandemic-related lockdowns and social distancing from 2020-2021. Yet it’s most critical that people of color receive flu vaccines, because statistically, they face far greater health and financial risks if they contract the flu and develop complications from it. Flu complications are more severe for African Americans than other races. Click HERE to read more.

On this week’s Black Doctors Speak, we are joined by Michael LeNoir, MD and Noha Abeoleta, MD, founding CEO of Roots Community Health Center, a community-based, community-driven and community-empowering model for improving wellness that Roots calls “Whole Health” in Oakland, CA. Join us as we discuss COVID-19 Updates, COVID Vaccinations in Children, Pap Smears, Uterine Cancer, Climate Change, Unconscious Bias, and Sleep added to Cardiac Health Outcomes. Listen here: https://link.chtbl.com/BDS_EP_43

Wednesday’s Wisdom is from DB Bedford, AAWP panelist of our Mental Health Initiative. Mr. Bedford recently participated in AAWP’s “Profiled: The Black Man,” that examined the origins of the widespread stereotypes that have permeated society and impacted the lives of Black males in America for centuries.
CLICK HERE to watch Mr. Bedford discuss mental health in the African American community.
July is Healthy Vision Month! African Americans have some of the highest rates of vision loss and blindness caused by eye disease — and these rates are getting higher. Many eye diseases have no early warning signs but the good news is that comprehensive dilated eye exams can find many of these eye diseases early, when they’re often easier to treat. Learn more HERE and visit https://aawellnessproject.org/ for more information.

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AAWP is proud to announce our partnership with Healthwise. This partnership allows us to bring you the most accurate up to date online health resource in the U.S.. Now you can get reliable, vetted answers to your health questions.  We provide information you need to make better healthcare decisions.


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