Our Mission

The African-American Wellness Project was organized to respond to inequities in the health care delivery system. Originally focusing, on the African-American community, we have found that many consumers need to know how to organize their health care delivery options in a way that allows them to best utilize health care services. The African-American Wellness Project focuses on those tools that you need to get the best quality healthcare regardless of insurance or circumstance.

Although widely acknowledged in the health care arena and throughout society, there is no unified, accepted, on-going,

 measurement of the relationship of racism to current African American health status. There is no single group to serve as a broad-based, research oriented, developer of models for the overall improvement of African American health status, and convener of various individual and group efforts.  Categorical health information focusing on health promotion and disease prevention exists but is not combined and disseminated in ways easily understood by consumers, service providers, groups, organizations and institutions in various neighborhoods and communities. Discussions on the causes of specific African American health outcomes most often result in identifying ‘risk factors’ and implementing activities that address them. Rarely available are opportunities for collaborative efforts to identify, design, develop, and implement activities to address the underlying causes of the risk factors. This is the primary goal of AAWP.

The African American Wellness Project is committed to improving the way in which African Americans and people of the African Diaspora interact with the health care system.

We believe that health disparities will continue to exist, only if we allow them to continue. Knowing how to take charge of your health care system is critical to getting the best health care possible. AAWP provides information and tools to assist you in that process.

The African American Wellness Project is a “good prescription” for the health of Americans.