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Through our programs we are helping to bridge the gap in health & wellness for our community.

The African American Wellness Project was developed in response to a need to reduce the gap between the health of African Americans and other Americans. While many other organizations seek to approach this problem by changing the character of our health institutions, like hospitals and doctors, the AAWP takes a different approach. It is our mission to improve your ability to better use the health care system by providing you with some of the tools you need to better utilize your health care system.








For example, have you ever gone to gone a doctor’s office and felt you didn’t get the care you expected because you or your family was African American, or spoke a different language? Or you left the office without getting your questions answered? Or wanted to know what resources exist to keep you healthy but didn’t know where to find them? Do you need a referral to a primary care physician or a second medical opinion? The AAWP is prepared to assist you in several ways:

  • By providing you with information that will assist you in getting the most out of your health care system. In some instances we can answer some of your medical questions
  • By providing you with a list of African American physicians and other providers
  • By keeping you up to date on what’s happening in the U.S. in health

So explore our web site and contact us if you want to assist us or you feel that we can assist you.

Our Main Initiatives

The African American Wellness Project is a good prescription for the health of all America.