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African American Wellness Project

Empowering African Americans to improve health outcomes and promote wellness.
About us

Creating a network of experts to help you get the most from the healthcare system.

To improve the health of the Black Community by serving as a megaphone for trusted information that enables and encourages African Americans to better navigate the healthcare system, advocate for themselves, and receive improved care, regardles of insurance or circumstances.
AAWP Online and On-air Nationwide
AAWP Health Education Resource

AAWP is proud to offer a Health Education Resource with doctor-recommended content and tools that help prepare patients for their appointments and show them how to better manage their medical care.

Trusted, high quality, unbiased health information.

Resources include:

  • Printable handouts

  • Videos

  • Self-care tips

  • Symptom Diaries

Youth Health & Wellness

Marlow’s Medical Minute

Teen Headaches

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We believe that health disparities will continue to exist, only if we allow them to continue. We have to step up and take the lead.

Our impact
AAWP focuses on those tools that you need to get the best quality healthcare regardless of insurance or circumstance.

 To direct resources (dollars, services, information etc.) towards empowering the African American Community to improve health outcomes and promote wellness.

In partnership with VNR1 Communications, AAWP produces Health Information Public Service Announcements