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African American Wellness Project

Empowering African Americans to improve health outcomes and promote wellness.
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Creating a network of experts to help you get the most from the healthcare system.

While many other organizations seek to approach this problem by changing the character of our health institutions, like hospitals and doctors, the AAWP takes a different approach. It is our mission to improve your ability to better use the health care system by providing you with some of the tools you need to better utilize your health care system.

In partnership with VNR1 Communications, AAWP produces Health Information Public Service Announcements

We received a Neighborhood Grant from the Starbucks Foundation.

The African American Wellness Project (AAWP) is pleased to announce that it was 1 of 400 non-profit organizations across the country selected to receive a Neighborhood Grant from the Starbucks Foundation. These grants were awarded to organizations successfully working to advance racial equity in their communities.

“We are extremely excited to be acknowledged and selected by experts from the philanthropic, nonprofit and civil rights sectors  as a non-profit that is dedicated to advancing racial equity,” said Monique LeNoir, Executive Director of AAWP. Thank you to Starbucks for affirming that  health disparities exist within the African American community and must be addressed.”

For almost 20 years, AAWP has been responding to the health care inequities that exist, empowered the African American community to improve health outcomes, and provided the tools and resources to best utilize the health care system. With support from Starbucks, AAWP will be able to further advance its mission.
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We believe that health disparities will continue to exist, only if we allow them to continue. We have to step up and take the lead.


Our New Director
Monique LeNoir-Pittman

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Our impact
AAWP focuses on those tools that you need to get the best quality healthcare regardless of insurance or circumstance.

 To direct resources (dollars, services, information etc.) towards empowering the African American Community to improve health outcomes and promote wellness.


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