About Us

AAWP was organized in response to inequities in health care delivery.

The African American Wellness Project (AAWP) was established to address the disparities in healthcare between African Americans and the rest of America. 

We recognize that race plays a significant role in the health status of African Americans, as they often receive lower quality care compared to other communities. While the healthcare system is slowly changing, we believe that change cannot happen quickly enough, especially with rising costs and increasing health challenges.

We believe that while a healthy lifestyle is important, navigating the healthcare system requires organization. 

The project was formed after a conference that involved influential African American thought leaders from San Francisco, Alameda, and Contra Costa Counties. 

The goal of the AAWP is to empower the African American community to improve health outcomes and promote wellness. 

Empowering African American Health: AAWP’s Vision for Equitable Healthcare

Addressing Disparities, Promoting Wellness, and Advocating for Change

Our Mission:  The African American Wellness Project (AAWP) is committed to empowering the African American community for better health outcomes and wellness. Our mission is clear: combat healthcare disparities, champion equitable treatment, and equip African Americans with the tools and support needed to thrive.

Vision: At AAWP, we envision a future where every African American has equal access to quality healthcare, irrespective of race or socioeconomic status. Through education, advocacy, and community engagement, we’re dedicated to fostering a healthcare system that is fair, inclusive, and supportive of everyone’s health and wellness needs.

Closing the Gap

Knowing how to take charge of your health care system is critical to getting the best health care possible.


Help eliminate the disparities in Health & Healthcare for
African Americans