Monique Pittman



The African American Wellness Project Launches the “And Black America” Campaign Series to Celebrate Anniversary of the Passing of the Civil Rights Act and Address Healthcare Inequities that Still Exist Today!

Washington, DC (June 2, 2022) — It’s been 58 years since one of the most significant legislative achievements in American history was passed — the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Passed on July 2nd, the act was meant to fight racial injustices, including the inequalities and inequities in healthcare. In celebration of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and to continue our fight for our right to quality healthcare, the African American Wellness Project is proud to announce the launch of the “And Black America” series.

For decades, the racial injustices have been so severe that they can be summed up with one data point: the life expectancy gap. Pre-COVID, it was 3.6 years. Today, White Americans are more likely to live 5 years longer than Black Americans. The pandemic hit Black Americans — us — the hardest. We’ve heard it from you, our patients, and our communities. We are living it.

To that end, “And Black America” is a series of articles and guides created with the purpose of helping to combat the top health issues and priorities for Black and African Americans. The articles provide culturally relevant & timely information on some of the most pressing healthcare disparities our communities face and tangible guides to help navigate the system — you can even take it with you when you go to the doctor’s office. Today, these topics include:

“For 20 years, the African American Wellness Project has been working to address the racial discrimination that is so deeply ingrained in the structural healthcare system and in implicit bias that receives, helps, and treats us,” said AAWP President and Founder Dr. Michael LeNoir. “We will be continuing to develop the “And Black America” series to help all Black Americans protect their health.”


About AAWP: Founded more than a decade ago, the African American Wellness Project (AAWP) was formed to respond to health disparities in the African American community and is dedicated to health equity and better health outcomes for people of color. AAWP is particularly focused on improving the health of the African American community by serving as a megaphone for trusted knowledge and information and providing guides and resources that enable and encourage African Americans to advocate for themselves and receive improved care, regardless of insurance or circumstances. Visit for more information.