Dr. LeNoir”s Clinic Notes


Non Vacinnated People, Get Ready
A new variant COVID-19, one score of the Indian variant, now call the Delta variant is taking over in Europe and increasingly coming up in the United States. For the past three months and ever since the vaccine became available where the African-American wellness project I’ve been warning that variance are the most dangerous threat to our communities. Each time a variant appears it seems to be more clever and more infectious. The Delta variant is no different..And there is some evidence that this period is more dangerous to young people as well.
The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that, overall, Black and Hispanic people have received smaller shares of vaccinations compared with their shares of cases and with their part of the total population in most states. This is quite stark and disturbing in D.C., where Black people have received 40 percent of vaccinations, but make up 55 percent of cases, 70 percent of deaths and 46 percent of the total population.
So as medical professionals and scientist we have not done a good job of messaging to our community
 So let’s try to do better
Every day you hear that in countries all over the world more and more people are getting infected. When that happens more viral particles are being made.
So sometimes the virus makes a mistake and make a virus that is not quite like the original but has special properties that make it more infectious and less responsive to vaccines and treatment.
Because it is more infectious it take over as the dominant Covid virus. This probably happens millions of times per month, and most are harmless,
But every so often one comes along with is really dangerous, more infections, real resistant to the vaccine and tackles a different age group.
Each generations will yield a virus more of a problem then the last one
So if you are unvaccinated, you might get by with the original but you will for all your life, be susceptible to the worst of the current virus
So black peoples we have a problem. In some southern state less than 30 % of African American are vaccinated. That means if you are at church, a ball game, a school function, a jazz concert and a family reunion and there are more than 6 people, 4 are not vaccinated and ….ONE OF THEM MIGHT BE MAKING ALL THE BARBECUE.
Get Vaccinated.