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Black Women and maternal mortality

Black Women have the highest rates of maternal mortality. Hypertension is a factor. Know your risks and watch Dr. LeNoir’s 30 second Health Tip of the Day for more information.

Health Tip of the Day – Heart Health

How many steps per day will help your heart? If you are over 60, you will need to walk 6000 to 9000 steps per day to protect your heart. If you walk less than that, every 1000 steps you take will substantially reduce your cardiovascular risk.

Health Tip of the Day – Speak up for Good Health

In the healthcare system if you are a person of color, you better learn to speak up for yourself and your family. Too often the symptoms of people of color and women are not taken seriously. We are often treated disrespectfully. Decisions are made for you without your input. And your questions go unanswered. Best to pick you doctor and your health care system before you need care and don’t be afraid to speak up.

Health Tip of the Day – Know Your Numbers

There are certain numbers you should know about yourself to keep healthy. blood pressure, weight waist size, cholesterol,blood sugar, and after 40,PSA or mammogram. your colonoscopy result and most importantly regular visits to the doctor. the dates of a regular visits to your doctor 

Health Tip of the Day – Asthma

Patients with asthma who use Albuterol as the only treatment for asthma go to the ER and are hospitalized more often. it’s a dangerous way to control the problem. African American women and children are most at risk .Talk to your doctor avoiding triggers and using controller medicine daily.

AAWP Health Tip of the Day – New Rules for COVID-19 Vaccines

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Join Dr. Michael LeNoir and Ellis Dean on this edition of Doc and Dean as they discuss of health equity in the African American Community.


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