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Breaking Barriers for Health in the Black Community: African American Wellness Project Launches Innovative Website with Healthwise Partnership

Oakland, CA November 6, 2023 — The African American Wellness Project (AAWP), a nonprofit dedicated to improving health outcomes within the African American Community, has teamed up again with Healthwise, a renowned leader in evidence-based health education, to develop a new and improved website that provides vital health tools, resources and information for African Americans to use to advocate for and take charge of their own health and wellness.

The AAWP is excited to introduce its brand-new website, designed to enhance the user experience and deliver valuable resources to address the health disparities that exist in the Black community. In collaboration with Healthwise, AAWP has created a user-friendly, informative, visually appealing, and interactive website that includes the following key features:

Updated Comprehensive Symptom Checker
Health Tips and Resources
Information about Our Team and Key Initiatives
Black Doctors Speak Podcast
Vital Health Information About Our Health Pillars
Tools and News You Can Use

The AAWP and Healthwise partnership started in 2021 when the AAWP began leveraging the Healthwise® Knowledgebase—a vast repository of interactive, impartial, and actionable multimedia health education designed to inform and empower individuals about their health conditions. This partnership has now been extended through the newly unveiled AAWP website to enhance the user’s experience and provide an easy way to search evidence-based health information.

The updated Healthwise® Symptom Checker, a valuable tool featured on the new website, will equip African Americans with the knowledge to:

Access better care at lower costs.
Manage common health issues at home.
Recognize the importance of seeking medical attention.
Implement strategies for maintaining good health.
Enhance their quality of life while managing chronic diseases.

“AAWP is committed to bridging the health and wellness gap for the Black community and we are thrilled to introduce our new and improved website that will provide African Americans with crucial health information to empower their health advocacy. We are extremely grateful to Healthwise for their unwavering commitment to our mission and our continued partnership in addressing health disparities within the Black community,” Monique Pittman AAWP Executive Director.

Dr. Adam Husney, CEO of Healthwise, noted, “Online health information can often be incomplete, contradictory, and difficult to decipher. However, the internet can be used to deliver reliable information. Patients who trust specific sources, such as the African American Wellness Project, and access credible information can significantly improve their health outcomes. We are excited about our continued partnership to extend Healthwise education to the AAWP’s new website to support health equity and demonstrate our unwavering commitment for their compelling mission.”

Please explore the new AAWP website and share your thoughts and feedback on this new website.

About AAWP:

Established over a decade ago, the African American Wellness Project (AAWP) was founded to address healthcare disparities in the African American community. AAWP is dedicated to promoting health equity and improving health outcomes for people of color. The organization’s primary focus is on empowering the African American community with trusted knowledge and information, offering guidance and resources that empower individuals to advocate for themselves and receive better care, regardless of insurance or circumstances. For more information, visit aawellnessproject.org.

About Healthwise:

Healthwise, a leader in evidence-based health education, technology, and services, is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help people make better health decisions. Throughout its 48-year history, people have turned to Healthwise’s award-winning content more than 2 billion times to navigate their unique health journeys with confidence. With market-leading client satisfaction ratings, Healthwise has earned the trust of major hospitals, electronic medical record (EMR) providers, health plans, care management organizations, and digital health technologies to achieve better outcomes for patients and businesses. Learn more at healthwise.org or call 1.800.706.9646.